Frequently Asked Questions on Wheelie Bin Cleaning & Commercial Bin Cleaning

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Why should I have my bin professionally cleaned?

When you clean your Wheelie Bin with a hose or bucket you will typically use about 75 to 115 litres of water. Water alone will not kill all germs and bacteria and if you do use a detergent the washed out contaminants are likely to be environmentally hazardous and only suitable for disposing of in a sewer and not in a storm drain.

A full clean of the insides of two bins (240ltr) by Enviro-Bin Clean will typically take 25 seconds on the truck and use less than 0.1 litres in the 60 litres used in the cleaning process. This is achievable due to the specially designed fully enclosed automated bin cleaning system.

Washing your own bins can lead to a expensive fine

Just to reassure you further all our waste water is disposed of in the correct manner, we hold a trade effluence licence along with Waste Carriers license and fully recognised by SEPA and Scottish Water board along with Moray Council in this matter.

How do you pay?

We get asked this a lot !

At Enviro-Bin Clean we prefer to accept payment by Bank Transfer an invoice will be sent to you via text to your mobile so there is no need to leave any money under the plant pot and no one knocking on door in the evening to collect payment it is all automated using our software. Enviro-Bin Clean do not collect cash from clients at the door but understand that some clients may wish to pay this way.

How often should my wheelie bin be cleaned?

Most Enviro-Bin Clean customers will have their domestic bins cleaned once every 2 – 3 weeks, there are various other plans we can put in place.

Our commercial customers have their bins cleaned either weekly or fortnightly / monthly.

I get paid at the end of the month, can I pay then?

Yes, we can arrange payment to occur on any date you require with prior notice.

Is Enviro-Bin Clean covered by insurance?

Enviro-Bin Clean is a professional company focused on fulfilling the requirements of all industry standards SEPA and Scottish Water registered. All staff and equipment are appropriately licensed and fully insured.

I’m a business owner with all different types of bins. I’m not sure of health requirements. Do you give free on-site advice and quotes? Do you clean the bins on-site?

Everybody’s situation is unique. Enviro-Bin Clean understands this and they take pride in their ability to respond personally and attend on-site to every request for assistance or quotation. Enviro-Bin Clean cleaning trucks are all purpose designed and self-contained. They clean all bins on-site.

Can you provide commercial bin cleaning services if required during the night or over the weekend?

Yes, we can and do. All that is required is reasonable notice.

What if I have large volume of bins to clean?

No problem. With a reasonable amount of notice Enviro-Bin Clean can organise for a number of their units to attend at one time to ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible with the least amount of interruption in your workplace.

What areas do you currently service?

Enviro-Bin Clean currently offers its cleaning service in all of Moray.

How do I contact you to place my order?

You can click here for our online booking form or visit our Facebook Page @enviro-bin clean or you can contact us by calling Tel – 01343 207510 or Mobile – 07999 480085 The office is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. If the line is busy please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by email at: or our @enviro-binclean/facebook






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Wheelie Bin Hot Wash Clean Process

Each bin goes through the same cleaning hot wash process, it is lifted by hydraulic rams into the wash position, where by triple headed high pressure jets will rid the bin of all dirt and grime by the use of a biodegradable degreasing agent.  Any excess water is then captured within our custom designed equipment to be filtered and recycled, the bin is then chemically sanitised with misting jets along with a biodegradable disinfectant and deodorised with our unique fragrance. This ensures your bin smells fresh all year round and the disinfectant will help kill germs and fly larvae.

All our products meet local SEPA and Government legislation

Any small amount of rubbish from your bin will be placed in a sealed bag and returned to the bin.


Benefits of Sanitizing

  •  Bins kept in residential bin stores can be cleaned, deodorized and disinfected.
  • Reduces the build-up bacteria
  • Reduces the risk of infection and cross-contamination
  • Our unique disinfectant kills 99.9% of all known germs E-Coli, Aspergillus Fumigatus and Salmonella, Coronavirus, Influenza and Norovirus
  •  Eliminate pest infestations in residential developments. infestation/flies/maggots/vermin
  •  Our hot water bin wash and our unique Biodegradable products easily removes grease and food waste.
  •  Regular cleaning of food waste recycle bins eliminates offensive odours.
  •  Local Authorities report greater resident satisfaction when communal waste bins are regularly cleaned.
  •  Clients can be sure that our process fully complies with SEPA / Scottish Water Board and all Environment Agency Legislation.
  •  Our bin cleaning service does not interfere with the regular waste collection schedule.
  •  Food retailers can be sure they are maintaining a high standard of hygiene in their kitchen areas.
  •  Staff morale is maintained by using our professional service to carry out the dirtiest of jobs.
  •  Extend the use of your bins life by having them regularly cleaned.